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Yixing Maigao Corrugated Pipe Co., Ltd. is located in the high "green village" Wanshi Town, Yixing City, the first thin wall stainless steel pipe, stainless steel bellows, stainless steel metal hoses, and expansion joints compensate for the professional production enterprises . Research, design, production of stainless steel, carbon steel bellows, expansion joints and metal hoses. Bellows expansion joint technology, using the latest version of the internationally recognized 98 U.S. version of "EJMA" standard method recommended by computer-aided design optimization of series obtained, the product structure, reasonable design, excellent performance, secure, reliable, flexible, and anti-fatigue high-performance, high temperature and low temperature, corrosion resistance, and so on. Bellows components --- the use of advanced manufacturing technology and non-destructive hydraulic automatic welding forming a superior surface quality, dimensional accuracy, design, compact, safe and beautiful, easy to install. Selection of single family, multi-layer, U-shaped, Omega-, S-, V-type stainless steel, carbon steel bellows for compensation components, their characteristics, compensate for a large amount of stiffness is low, strong pressure, fatigue, long life, and therefore is in the best of modern industrial piping thermal compensation element, which is widely used in shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, railway, construction, electricity, nuclear power, metallurgy, textile, printing and dyeing, rubber, plastics, paper, pharmaceutical, aerospace, shipbuilding, food machinery, environmental equipment, urban heating network engineering and other industrial areas of the company "quality first, reputation first, customers first", with the hope to establish long-term domestic and international customers a wide range of business and technical exchanges and cooperation.